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About Us

Designer Norma Ebanks has always had a love for fashion and which has led her to mentor some of the finest fashion professionals in today’s industry. She studied at the notable Parsons University in New York City, also famous for being the home for Supermodel Heidi Klum’s TV show “Project Runway. And has also trained in Fashion and Design in Jamaica at the Howell School of Fashion.


She returned to Cayman armed with the fashion inspiration after being trained by Parsons University and Sew Rite School, she was certified in Fashion Designing and Home Décor and established the well renowned Creative Fashion & Design. Creative Fashion & Design is a busy and successful fashion studio catering to the sartorial needs of people both local and international fashionable women, men, children as well as home decorating.


With over 25 years’ experience in the fashion industry, her main goal has always been to support people locally and internationally who dream of a career in international fashion designing. She has mentored several aspiring designers locally and internationally over the years through the Creative Fashion & Design sewing school


which offers designing and pattern making classes. The school offers sewing and design classes and welcomes both beginners and advanced students. Designer Norma has made her stance for the implementation of fashion for all ages through the launch of InStyle Cayman along side her partners in 2019, creating opportunities for local and international designers to showcase their talent ranging from art to fashion in the Cayman Islands.

Norma Ebanks

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